The Team


Senior Stylist

Ambition and the opportunity to work with the best are what drives Maria. Having carved out a career in London’s premier hair salons, she went on to spend eight years in sunny Bermuda and enjoyed working in the most prestigious salon on the island.

Eventually the pull of home became too strong and Maria moved back to the UK. Bermuda’s loss certainly was Bristol’s gain; Maria joined forces with her former colleague and mentor David Sinclair and she now continues to attract a fabulous clientele, this time in his beautiful Clifton Village salon.

She is an Afro hair specialist and extensive training and global work experience has ensured Maria’s product knowledge is as comprehensive as it gets. She lives and breathes hairdressing and adores all you can do with long hair. Looking for that special person to entrust your locks to? Look no further and you will find out why all Maria’s client love her!