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Our experienced stylists are often asked to recommend a product for a particular look or for a particular hair type. At David Sinclair we primarily use Redken, Tigi, Framesi and Moroccanoil for the best results possible. The products we recommend are all available in the salon for a reasonable price.

Here is just a short list of a few hair problems we often hear from our clients, with our simple solutions. We also offer free consultations on style, colour, care and maintenance, so don’t hesitate to contact us for more specific advice.

  • Silky smooth

    Q. My hair is very fine and not as shiny as it used to be. I’ve tried some products before which have added some volume but left my hair feeling clogged up and greasy. Is there anything better that I can use? Rachel

    A. Add constant hydration, smoothness and shine to your hair with Moroccanoil. Simply blow-dry into your hair for an instantly improved finish to your hair.

    It leaves your hair silky smooth, with no residue or oily feel. It’s available in two strengths – Moroccanoil or Moroccanoil Light, making it suitable for all types of hair, including those with very fine hair wanting to add shine but afraid of anything too heavy.

  • Replenish and refresh

    Q. My hair isn’t as thick as it used to be – are there any products I can use to get it back to how it was? Jon

    A. This is a question that many stylists are frequently asked, and there are finally some products on the market which can replenish the volume of your hair. You can get fuller looking hair with Redken’s new fab money back guarantee.

    Cerafill Advanced Technology doesn’t give you more hair but actually thickens the hair you have got. It’s great for men and women and even works with colour treated hair.

  • End it all

    Q: Despite having my hair cut every six to eight weeks. I still get split ends. Help! Sophie

    A: Unfortunately, the only way to repair split ends is to have them cut off – sorry! Split ends happen when the protective cuticle has been stripped away from the ends of hair fibres, and are more likely to develop in dry or brittle hair.

    Typical causes of damage include excessive drying, vigorous brushing and over use of hair straighteners, so it’s important to treat your hair with care. Always use a wide-toothed comb on wet hair and don’t over-dry or over-brush your hair. Moisture is also a factor, so treat yourself to an all soft treatment in the salon. The more treatments you have, the more moisture you build up in your hair!

  • Blondes have more fun

    Q: How can I keep my highlights looking great in between salon visits? Lou

    A: Use a blonde shampoo suitable for your shade, I like the Redken Blonde idol range. If your highlights tend to look brassy, opt for a violet-based conditioner that will remove yellow tones. Try and keep your hair out of the sun as this will fade the colour more quickly.

  • Bed Head

    Q: My hair is really fine and straight and I find that when I wake up it’s a real mess. Is it possible to have a hair cut that wouldn’t require me to style it each morning? Emma

    A: With out a doubt, a stylish graduated bob that has been beautifully cut shouldn’t need styling every day. It will give you volume and fullness to your fine hair, especially when you use the Redken Body Full range of shampoo, conditioner and Redken Thickening Lotion.

    One of the best ways to ensure your style lasts longer is to make sure you give the roots an extra boost when blow drying. To do this, take your hairdryer and blast the roots with warm air then set it with a blast of cold air. This simple technique will keep it looking fuller for days.

Quick tips

  • I have just contacted my stylist at David Sinclair to say “Loving the Moroccanoil I purchased last week” – I was out in the rain last night and no frizz! Fab.

    Have finally found “the product” for my dry, frizzy hair. With a combination of Moroccanoil Shampoo and Conditioner and a drop of oil, my hair now feels silky smooth and controlled with an amazing shine.

  • Get back to nature with Nature’s Rescue from Redken, their new range of paraben, sulfate and silicone-free detox formulas. Just apply to the hair to gently remove the impurities that build up along the hair strand. Nature’s Rescue is great for pampering yourself at home and makes for a fantastic girl’s night in!

  • ‘Sunshine Girls’ – Need to protect sunshine hair? Use “Colour extended sun” by Redken. It’s a water resistant treatment that helps to protect sun-exposted hair from environmental conditions.

  • For choppy texturising Redken Rough Clay 20 is the ultimate product for finish – as long as you don’t overload the hair!

  • Fine lifeless hair? Redken Volume 06 Thickening Lotion is an amazing body builder…

  • With any product, and especially with Redken, it is advised to use as little product as possible to get the right results.

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